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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Being swarmed by flies.

2 weeks ago, my dad told the family he wanted to implement a work system.

Every morning, from 10-12 we would all do some sort of work to our house to make it look nicer. A reasonable idea (Especially as my dad had some time off work)

Of course, my brothers and sisters were opposed to this idea. They didn’t want to be doing any sort of work during the summer holidays. I actually thought this would be a great idea. It was only 2hrs a morning, and would give me something to do…..

The first week of this went fine. We cleaned out our basement, set up a dart board, painted up the stairs and the walls on the first and second landing. The house was looking bit by bit better, and there wasn’t really anything to coming about.

Until today.

I woke up today, not feeling my normal happy self, to be honest, I felt kinda depressed. 10’o clock came, and dad announced he was going up stairs to paint. About 20 minutes passed, and I decided to go up stairs to see what was going on. He eventually told me to get the other kids, which I did. Whilst waiting for my sister Kiyana to come up, I went into my room to tease our cats with ny laser pointer.

Apparently though, dad was getting annoyed by the lack people showing up. He called for me, inquired where I’d been, and ended up banning us from our electronics for the day for “Not being ready”. Obviously, this put us in a great mood to work…

I got on with what I was asked to do, not really in a good mood though (can you blame me?). About an hour later, I finished one of my jobs and went back into my room to play with the cats (thinking I’d be called when I was needed). Dad did up calling for, and when he found out I’d been sitting in my room, got angry telling me “to do whatever I want to do, he can’t be bothered talking to me”.

So, here I am, sitting on a bench in our local park, being swarmed by flies, and writing about the last few hours of my life. My sister is trying to call me, and I’m not answering.
I know that I’m completely in the wrong, but I don’t want to go back.

Why do I make life hard for myself?

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