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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Becoming 1337

It's funny how, just a 2 months ago I had just hit 400 subscribers. Did I care that I had so few? Yeah, I did. I'd been going at it for the best part of a year, and I didn't see to many results for my hard work (and it was hard, just one Minecraft episode required about 8hrs of work!).

But, I loved what I had. My subscribers had been great. They always left support, gave a little critizm every now and again, and really made my day!

I've not always been xDowsey. Back in February 2010, I started a YouTube account called ViiP3RzHD. My first video was a flawless nuke on Rust, MW2. My commentary was awkward! I ended this account in October though, as it had become a sniper fanboy channel... I uploaded one to many 1v1s...

And so, I started up xDowsey, some of my subscribers made the transfer. I had 200 on ViiP3RzHD, and I think 10-20 subscribed to xDowsey. Active subs FTW =/

Like most other youtubers, it took me a long time to reach 100 subs. One of the major turning points was when the ascension map pack came out on Black Ops. My self and The10xKiller got the map packs as early as possible, and did a zombies series called Ascension Virgins. People loved it, and it boosted myself up about 100.

Something I never ever expected happened on the 1st of June. 402Thunder402, better known as ThunderStruck decided to upload a Minecraft episode of mine, to his main channel!
My usual audience of 400 was nothing compared to the 74,000 he offered me, and I was so excited!
That day, my subscriber base doubled, and I went over 1k that week!

The rate that I gain another subscriber has significantly slowed down. It took me these last 2 months to get the extra 200 subscribers to become "1337", and honestly, these last 2 months have probably been the most fun I've had on YouTube!

So, thank you for all your support. Thank you for every comment, like or favorite you have ever given. Without you guys, I'm nothing, and I really appreciate everything you have given to me!!!

Cake anyone?

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