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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Lessons Learnt from Gaming - The Boss

Have you ever been in that situation, where you and someone else, someone of a higher importance, are sharing in an activity?

For example, if this was my dad, he'd be playing golf with his boss.

Myself? I'm playing a bit of Call of Duty with one of my favorite commentators.

What ever it is, there are some universal rules that apply.

My dad, and his boss, let's call him Bob, are on the 1st hole. Bob is always boasting at work about how good of a golfer he is. My dad, being the absolute gentleman he is, let's Bob take the first shot. Bob hits it, and unfortunately,  hits it straight into the rough, about 76m down the fairway.

Now my dad, he plays golf quite often. He's no Tiger Woods, but he knows how to hit the ball. What does he do?

At the same time, I'm in my room, playing some Call of Duty with 402Thunder402. For those who don't know, Thunder allows me to upload a Minecraft series to his channel. So really, in one way, he's my boss.

I've joined his game in session, and get put on the opposite team. Thunder advises me to "rage quit" due to the fact there are 2 sets of split-screeners, but I'm not having it. I will beat the Legendary Thunder!

The game starts off, and Thunder is raping. My 2bar connection obviously doesn't help, but there was no way my team was coming back. About halfway through the match, I see an enemy shooting my teammate. It turns out to be Thunder. What do I do?

Well my dad, knowing full well how the boss is always boasting about his golfing abilities, mishits the ball and also sends it flying into the rough.

But why would he do this?

I on the other hand, shoot Thunder in the head, and listen to him rage about being killed 1 kill away from dogs, watch him rage quit the game and party, and delete me off of his friends list.

Though they may not seem it, both my dad's situation and mine are pretty similar. We both happen to be sharing an activity with our boss, and we both have the responsibility of making our boss' look good. I have to make quality content for Thunder, or other wise he'll loose reputation, and the same goes for my dad.

However, the way we handled our situations were completely different. My dad, knowing he could easily hit the ball onto the green, decides to also mishit the ball, to make his boss look good. Whereas I ruin my boss' gameplay, and suffer for it.

Luckily for me, Thunder wasn't too mad. I'm off of his friends list for a week, but it's not like I'm not his worse enemy. In fact, nothing has really changed. My dad however, could of really messed things up. Bob, this amazing golfer was beaten. He'd be the laughing stock of the office. How would he be able to show up and face my dad again?

The lesson here is, always make the boss look good. It may not seem right, and 9/10 times I'd probably kill Thunder by mistake, but when you make the boss look good, he takes a liking to you, and he will help you, help him, rise to great places.

You see, a lot of people think the real world and the gaming world are two completely different things. But when you start looking at things from a different point of view, you see they are the same.

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