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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

How I caught my first fish.

I'm sure that throughout your life, you've heard some really far fetched stories, of how your Granddad caught this massive fish, or about that one that got away...

Well, I myself have a story to add to the numerous collection of fishing stories.

Back in Sydney, my Granddad and I would go fishing. We'd wake up around 4, and drive over to a beach called Balmoral.At Balmoral, there was this really nice jetty, and we'd set up with our chairs, bait and tackle and get to business.

This time, was actually my first time fishing, and so as you can imagine, I was pretty excited. My Granddad had just bought me a new rod, and wheel, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Well, this day, happened to be a very windy day. As I went to cast off, a giant wind blew towards me, sending my line flying backwards! It then wraps around a light-post a couple of times, before flying left over to the next jetty. Here, it gets tangled in a fence, then a chair, before finally dropping down through the gaps in the jetty, and into the water.

My Granddad and I just stood there looking at each other. Obviously, I was going to have to work on my cast!

We started un-tangling the mess. I started to unwrap the line from the light-post, whilst my Granddad when to find where the other end had landed.

"Josh, quick! Come have a look at this!" my Granddad yells to me. I dropped my rod, and ran over to my Granddad. He lifted up my line to show that their was a fish on the other end. After all that madness, I had caught my first fish!!!

The fish I had caught was called a leather-jacket, being named after it's thick, rubbery skin, which unlike the normal scales fish have, would peel off. Kinda like a leather-jacket! (HERPY DERP DERP).

Once we got home, my mum cooked it up for me, and till this day, it is still the nicest fish I have eaten.

So, believe it or not, that was the story of how I caught my first fish.


  1. ur GREAT at doing blogs dowsey
    keep on doing theese, im readin them all!

  2. 4 in the morning!!!

  3. You should update this blog sometime! Keep us in the loop :)