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Friday, 19 August 2011

In a bit of a dilemma...

Ok, so I'm in a bit of a pickle on what to with my upload schedule.

I want to upload so many different video series, but I cannot do so unless I upload multiple videos a day.

I know that majority of my subscribers (or at least the ones that bother to leave a comment) express their love for my minecraft videos, but I don't want to limit myself to only one type of video. I'm sure if you're subscribed to me, you'll notice that I upload a massive variety of gameplays and commentaries.

I've seen a lot of big youtubers upload lots of minecraft, and then when they have expressed even the slight hint of not doing so, had chunks of their subscriber base become enraged, and even unsubscribe. I myself, never want to put myself in that sort of situation ever.

Currently, the videos series that I have going are: Dowsey's Minecraft Adventures, Deadspace 1, Counter Strike, Let's Talk with Dowsey / Limbo, Black Ops, Portal 2 with Cheddar Chezz, Survival Island (Minecraft), and Paradox Minecraft Custom Map and Starcraft with Tyler. That's 9 series, and there are plenty more that I'd like to do + do do for other channels.

So, I ask you, what do you want me to do?

Would you like to see me do what I want to do, and just upload on a 9 day schedule. Would you like to see multiple videos a day, do you think that I'm just doing too much and should scrap some series?

I'm really torn... My mum, suggested that I just start up another channel for my "extra minecraft series (or other series", but I'm not sure this will solve too many problems. I also have to remember that I'm going back to college in 3 weeks, and my schedule will be a lot more busy.

So, please leave me a comment, or msg me some way or another on what you think I should do, because I really need some opinions from other people.



  1. hmmmm....
    this is hard.... :S
    i think u should scrap a few, i dont know wich ones.
    imo u should just upload when u feel for it, and when u feel for it, it makes the video better.
    Maybe you should do Dowsey's Minecraft Adventures one time a week, or so, and then do the other series when u feel for it.

  2. I think it would be better to create playlists instead of making another account. About the videos, make as many series as you want, if someone doesn't like it then he doesn't have to watch it. I subscribed for minecraft but I watched almost all of the series you made (seriously the two I couldn't make myself to watch are BO and CS but maybe someday...)just because you are awesome (and the one I subscribed is not minecraft but You so it doesn't matter what game you play, if it's what you want to do and you enjoy it it's gonna be good). Besides, your subscribers while waiting for series they're interested in may watch some other videos on your channel and realise they all are really good (and if someone really likes something then he should be able to wait for it however long it takes - youtubers are also humans after all).

    And one more thing. I really love your videos but I don't always feel comfortable with words so I show that love only in clicking thumbs up to the videos (actually I commented only once but I believe you can notice all your silent viewers who do at least that much)

  3. if you look at the big youtubers such as nova for example just because ive been watching him a lot recently.. or even seamuspkc.. they have a few different series going on at the same time.. nova atm has the ex communicated series, tri mountain survival, no more heroes and e.y.e.. if you look at his schedule he might upload 3 to 4 videos per day depending on his upload speeds.. hold on one sec imma just go get some jaffas.. ah damn it theyre all gone.. anyways.. they upload videos randomly and that can be a good thing and a bad thing.. some days he might upload lets say 3 videos from tri mountain and you watch 2 because youre bored of it by the time you reach the third episode and ignore it until the next episodes come out and you might skip that third episode.. i hope im making sense because i dont think i am :P but if he uploads one every 2 to 4 days youd get excited and be like ooh theres a new tri mountain imma go watch that shizz and then youd have that want for more.. and i realise at this stage i have no clue where im going with this.. but im going to end it on this.. people who are subscribed to you either watch your videos for you or the games youre playing.. we who watch for you dont care what games youre playing.. and if you stop playing a certain game we dont care.. but those who do watch for the gameplay moan and troll, maybe even unsubscribe.. you upload what you want and when you want.. and ask yourself this question.. do you want ten thousand subs that watch 10% of your videos? or do you want 100 subs who watch all of your videos because at the end of the day, its still the same amount of traffic.. sorry for confusing you and not making any sense but thats just the way i is! :P

  4. As difficult as it will be to separate your channel from Minecraft if/when it becomes something you don't want to do, you have to understand that it IS your channel, and you do what you want on it. Other people need to understand that as well, and the subscribers that are worth it will stay just to see you enjoy yourself, doing what you love and want to :)